The Date-43
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Hero

Member of Titans East

Voiced by Scott Menville
First Appearance The Date
 Speedy is a member of the Titans East. He is an archer. He is voiced by Scott Meville.


He wears a red costume and a mask. He wears a yellow bow holder. He wears red gloves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Speedy has no powers, but he is a skilled archer.


Speedy is one of the more witty members of the Titans. He enjoys to tease his fellow teammates, and takes pleasure in annoying his teammates. He can be a little short tempered though. His greatest pet peeve is when people mess with his hair.

Teen Titans Go!Edit

  • In The Date, Robin wanted to ask Starfire on a date. However, Speedy already asked her out. To convince Starfire that Speedy is bad, Robin kidnaps Speedy and dresses up as him. He leaves Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven to watch him. On the date, Robin makes Speedy look bad. After Cyborg and Beast Boy leave Raven in charge of Speedy, he escapes. Raven tells him the way out. He dresses up as Robin. He fights with Robin at the restaurant. After Robin tells Starfire the truth, he abandons him.