Mutant Moth Larvae

First Appearance

Legendary Sandwich

Silkie is the Titans' pet. ====


Silkie is a larvae-like creature and has pink skin. His eyes are mostly and he is a male.


Teen Titans Go!

In Legendary Sandwich, Silkie eats the Legendary Sandwich, then spits it out.

In Dog Hand, Silkie got thrown out of the Tower by Raven. Later, it got a pair of wings from Trigon.


  • It mostly appeared as an obstacle in Teen Titans Go! games.
  • In the original series, Silkie is a mutated moth larva created by the villain Killer Moth. Beast Boy secretly takes him in but then gives him to Starfire, who ends up being his permanent keeper.
  • Beast Boy seems to have a friendship with Silkie since they've both shared a few bro moments while trying to escape the intense heat in Hey, Pizza!
    • This is a subtle reference to their relationship in the original series.
    • Also in that episode, if he gets too hot, he dries up.
  • Beast Boy has also been shown transforming into a Silkie in La Larva de Amor.
  • Silkie gets spliced together with a rabbit by B'Wana Beast in You're Fired!
  • When Silkie eats Tamaranean berries in Driver's Ed and swells up, it is a subtle reference to the original series when Starfire fed him Zorka berries from Tamaran and he became enormous.
  • Silkie's design has varied a lot from the original Teen Titans.