Sandwich Guardians


Keepers of the Legendary Sandwich's ingredients

First Appearance

Legendary Sandwich

Sandwich Guardians are monsters who first appeared in Legendary Sandwich.


The Sandwich Guardians are tall, and they're made out of yellow-like stone. They have red eyes, and bread-shaped markings on their body.


According to the legend, in a long forgotten kingdom, a king asked a man to prepare a sandwich. The sandwich was stored in the king's tower for six days, and on the seventh, it was ready. The sandwich was delicous, and it would make the king immortal, making him rule his empire forever. The prince betrayed the king, and the king realized the sandwich was too powerful, so he hid all the ingredients, which are guarded by Sandwich Guardians.

Teen Titans Go!Edit

  • In Legendary Sandwich, the guardians encountered Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. One of the guardians battles Cyborg, and breaks his arm off. Another guardian battled Beast Boy underground, and made him lost his teeth. The other one battled Starfire and cut her hair. All of them were destroyed by the Titans.