Chat RulesEdit

  • No spamming
  • No flooding
  • No trolling
  • Be nice to other users
  • No racism
  • Nothing beyond PG

Teen Titans Go! Wiki RulesEdit

  • Good edits, not bad edits (this may seem redundant, but it needs to be said)
    • Good edit: one that provides additional information, fixes a grammar mistake, formats something better, or rewords something better
    • Bad edit: one that adds opinion instead of fact, adds fan fiction, is spam, gets rid of important parts, or just overall makes the page worse
    • Don't worry too much about grammar and spelling or getting information slightly wrong. Somebody else will fix it, as long as you have the right intentions and idea, it is not a bad edit.
  • No spam comments or anything related to that

Chat mod and Admin rulesEdit

  • No abusing
  • Be a responsible and trustworthy mod/admin

Other rulesEdit

  • English only please