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Hero, Leader of the Teen Titans

Voiced by

Scott Menville

First Appearance

Legendary Sandwich

Robin is the slightly power-mad, perfectionist leader of the group whose main complaint is that the other Titans just won’t do what he says.


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Robin in the Original Series

He wears a black-and-yellow cape, a red shirt-like top with green sleeves with his capital "R" symbol adorned on its breast, a yellow metal utility belt, green gloves and leggings, black boots with steel accents, and a one-piece black eye mask.


Robin is a natural born leader. He is highly disciplined and often strict, though unlike his mentor, he does joke sometimes and laugh. He also has romantic feelings for Starfire, apparent since their first encounter in the original series.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Robin and his staff

Robin like his mentor Batman has no superpowers, although he has developed incredible combat skills and is a master at martial arts. He also possesses speed, agility and quickness.

Teen Titans GoEdit

  • In Legendary Sandwich, Robin makes a sandwich that everyone likes. To get them to shut up, Raven sends each member of the team to retrieve an ingridient to make a perfect sandwich. All the members get sent on hard dangerous mission while Robin is sent to get bread from the grocery store where he showed a man his moves with his staff. By the end of the episode, after the sandwich was ready, Silkie ate it.
  • In Pie Bros, Robin goes to Cyborg's birthday party. He, along with Starfire and Raven, gets "baked" into one of Mother Mae-Eye's pies.