Mother Mae-Eye
Gender Female
Species Witch
Occupation Minor Villian
Voiced by Billie Hayes
First Appearance Pie Bros

Mother Mae-Eye is a villian in Teen Titans/Go!. She is a witch that is obsessed with being loved. She bakes pie in order to make children love her and then tricks them into baking them in pies.


Mother Mae-Eye is a short granny that wears a big pink hat and a pink dress. In her witch form she has green skin, a big pointy nose and a third eye.


Mother Mae-Eye is a sweet, loving and caring old lady, but sometimes strict because of children disobeying her, which causes her to turn into her witch form where she is evil.

Powers and abillitiesEdit

Mother Mae-Eye can use mind control to lure people into her oven and bake them in pies.