The following is an episode list for the American animated television series Teen Titans Go! The series premiered on the 23rd of Arpil, 2013 on Cartoon Network with the episode/s "Legendary Sandwich/Pie Bros".



Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release dates
1 26 2013 Unknown[1]
No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
1a Legendary Sandwich


April 23, 2013 101a Raven sends the others on a quest for the ingredients for a mystical sandwich so she can have the television to herself and watch "Pretty Pretty Pegasus". Robin waits at the supermarket for his order while the others have a run-in with the Sandwich Guardians, while the episode ends with Silkie eating the sandwich.
1b Pie Bros April 23, 2013 101b After Beast Boy and Cyborg's song about pie, Beast Boy takes a job at Mother Mae-Eye's pie shop to buy an expensive video game for Cyborg's birthday, but his job may cause him to miss the party and lose his friend, as the Titans discover Raven's theory that Mother Mae-Eye bakes people in her pies is true.
2a Driver's Ed


April 30, 2013 102a Robin takes Driver's Education after wrecking the Batmobile. What Robin doesn't know is that his Driver's Education Teacher has some tricks up his sleeve.
2b Raven's Daddy Dearest April 30, 2013 102b Raven's interdimensional demon-father Trigon cozies up to her four best friends in hopes of luring her over to the dark side.

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