Driver's Ed is an episode of Teen Titans Go! Season 1.


Robin had gotten his driver's license suspended after wrecking the Batmobile and must take Driver’s Ed. What Robin doesn’t know is that his driving instructor, Ed, has some sinister tricks up his sleeve where he uses Robin as a getaway driver.


Robin tricks the others to drive him around town for his selfish needs, causing Beast Boy to lose his game, Cyborg to lose some of his data, Silkie to get swollen up and a demon getting away. Robin needs someone to drive him around town but no one wants to take him to places. He tells the others that his license is suspended after he wrecked the Batmobile. He also tells them he met a guy on the Internet that can get his license back. Cyborg, because of his data loss, doesn't recognize Starfire. Raven warns Robin that she does not think this is a good idea.

Robin goes where his instructor told him to meet. In the car window there was a paper that said to start the engine. A man exits a bank that was robbed with a bag of money, puts the bag in the trunk and gets in the car. He introduces himself as Ed and his instructor. Ed gives many deductions to Robin during his test, causing him to fail. Robin takes the test again multiple times, but ultimately fails. One day, the Titans are at a cafe and notice Robin in front of a jewelry store when he was supposed to meet his Driver's Ed instructor. Ed robs the store and gets in the car. Raven tells the others that he is his getaway driver. Starfire tells the others that Robin must not know that he is. They decide to chase Robin to warn him about Ed. Robin notices them, but thinks that they are going to make fun of him, so he speeds away from him. Later, after a wild chase, Robin stops the car and Ed gets mad at him for his wild driving and tells him the truth, and tells him that the reason he kept failing Robin is to keep him as a getaway driver. Robin tells Ed he knew, and that is why he didn't tell him about the Demon that is behind him. The Demon drags Ed into its dimension and all is presumably resolved.



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  • On a four day period Robin annoyed his friends by making them drive him to so called "emergencies":
    • Beast Boy took him to Burger Splode! for a monstrous appetite for a cheeseburger, fries, a milkshake, and a small side salad
    • Cyborg took him to Game Bear to get a copy of Dog Simulator 2000 (a parody of the Microsoft Simulator series)
    • Starfire took him to The Cave where Aqualad is the DJ for the night
    • Raven took him to the beach so he could surf
      • Raven can drive without using her hands
  • It is revealed that Robin's mask is actually a pair of glasses (since he cannot see without them).
  • It is revealed that Robin has tiny dots for eyes.
  • It is also revealed that Robin is a bad test taker.
  • All five Titans have driver's licenses and have driven the T-Car before.
    • Robin's license was suspended because he crashed the Batmobile (it could mean that he is the only Titan who gets to drive it, but his actions may have cost him that privilege), but got it back sometime after the episode.
  • Beast Boy plays a video game where the main boss is a large brain, giving a nod to the Doom Patrol's nemesis, The Brain.
    • The game over message "You Are Die" is a reference to some nostalgic video games having poor translations when they were ported to the US.
      • It can also be a reference to the iconic X-Men line, "Welcome to die".
  • The face of DC Western hero, Jonah Hex, is on the casino that Ed robs.
  • At the Music Club that Robin tries to attend, the sign out front states that the second Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) is the DJ for the night.
  • It seems the demon that comes out of Raven's portal is a somewhat docile creature that only feeds on birds and is relatively harmless to humans unless trained to cause harm for the summoner's benefit. Raven nor the other Titans seemed to be concerned about letting the demon roam around Jump City and trying to send it back into the portal.