Cyborg pp




Half human-Half robot



Voiced by

Khary Payton

First Appearance

Legendary Sandwich

Cyborg is a laid back half teen-half robot who’s more interested in pizza and video games than in fighting crime.



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Cyborg in the Original Series

Only half of Cyborg's human face is visible. Cyborg's robot suit is black, white and gray. His robot eye is red and has blue parts on his hands.



Cyborg is a joyful, fun-loving person who often likes to make jokes, play video games or build machines. But he's also stubborn and often argues and has a crush on Jinx..


Powers and Abillities


Cyborg's Sonic Cannon

With a large part of Cyborg's body being replaced with cybornetic implants, he has developed some new powers. Cyborg's most common weapon is his Sonic Cannon, modified to weaponize the ionic core that fuels his life support system into a blast of sonic energy. His robotic left eye can see in most settings (infrared, night vision, targeting scope, etc.) with the exception of low ultraviolet light.

  • Super strength 
  • He can produce weapons from his suit such as lazers, saw etc.
  • He can detach both of his arms
  • Sonic Cannon


Teen Titans Go!

  • In Pie Bros, Cyborg is celebrating his birthday at Mother Mae-Eye's Pie Shop . Beast Boy draws him a picture, but before he can give it to him, Cyborg mentioned that he wanted something expensive. Because of this, Beast Boy must work and miss Cybog's party because he is working. By the end of the episode, Cyborg admits that the gift Beast Boy made was thoughtful and they dave their friends after they are turned into pie.