Beast Boy
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Altered Human



Voiced by

Greg Cipes

First Appearance

Legendary Sandwich

Beast Boy is Cyborg’s best buddy — a slightly dim but loveable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he’s not eating burritos and watching TV. 



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Beast Boy in the Original Series

Beast Boy has green eyes, green hair and green skin. He's short and wears a black and purple Doom Patrol suit that includes a gray belt. 



Beast Boy always likes to have fun, play video games, do jokes and pranks which often backfire on him. He likes to do jokes and be sarcastic even in serious situations such as thinking of a game plan for missions etc. Although he's often immature, he's also really kind and quick-thinking.Also has a crush on Raven.


Powers and Abillities


Beast Boy's shapeshifting abilities

As his name suggests, Beast Boy is able to mutate his human DNA in order to take the forms and abilities of virtually any beast of the animal kingdom, ranging from a microscopic amoeba to the largest of the ancient dinosaurs.


Teen Titans Go!

  • In Pie Bros, Cyborg is celebrating his birthday at Mother Mae-Eye's pie place. Beast Boy draws him a picture, but before he can give it to him, Cyborg mentioned that he wanted something expensive. Because of this, Beast Boy must work and miss Cybog's party because he is working. By the end of the episode, Cyborg admits that the gift Beast Boy made was thoughtful and they dave their friends after they are turned into pie.